Limited Edition Easter Espresso Martinis

Sip Into Something More Comfortable

Prepare your pallets for a trio of temptations* that will whisk you away on a caffeinated cloud nine.

🤎So Exotic:
Rum, Kahlua, Coffee, Coconut Syrup

🤎So Indulgent:
Mozart White Chocolate, Kahlua, Coffee

🤎So Original:
Smirnoff Red Label Vodka, Kahlua, Coffee

*All three drinks are included in our 2-for-1 offer (or 50% off in Scotland)

Espresso Martini Cocktail Tree

A Branch Above The Rest 🤎

Imagine a tree, not of leaves, but of clinking glasses filled with the dark, swirling magic of So Original* espresso martinis.

Available from March 28th until April 28th - order your espresso martini tree on the day at Slug And Lettuce Oxford or while booking your table, so we can serve it shortly after you arrive, ready to be plucked and enjoyed.


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