Get ready for some seriously good times at Slug & Lettuce, where we're brewing a caffeinated storm in partnership with Kahlua.

From March 28th through April 28th, we're serving up a trio of tantalising Espresso Martinis alongside our show-stopping Espresso Martini Tree, perfect for sharing or for those daring a solo sip!

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Espresso Cocktails at Slug & Lettuce for Easter

Meet Your New Espresso Obsessions

Prepare your pallets for a trio of temptations* that will whisk you away on a caffeinated cloud nine.

🤎So Exotic:
Rum, Kahlua, Coffee, Coconut Syrup

🤎So Indulgent:
Mozart White Chocolate, Kahlua, Coffee

🤎So Original:
Smirnoff Red Label Vodka, Kahlua, Coffee


*All three drinks are included in our 2-for-1 offer (or 50% off in Scotland)

Espresso Martini Tree at S&L

Cocktail Trees! A Branch Above The Rest 🤎

Imagine a tree, not of leaves, but of clinking glasses filled with the dark, swirling magic of So Original* espresso martinis. 

Available from March 28th until April 28th - order your espresso martini tree on the day or while booking your table, so we can serve it shortly after you arrive, ready to be plucked and enjoyed.


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*Please note  this is the So Original (our two limited edition espresso serves are not available as a tree)

Coffee Cocktails at Slug & Lettuce

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