Candy Land - S&L Boujee Christmas Cocktails


Embrace the sweetness of the Festive Season with our NEW Candy Land cocktail! This delightful blend of Midori, Ciroc Passion Fruit, pineapple juice, and Fever-Tree Mexican Lime Soda is sweet enough to keep you on the Nice list!

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Chocolate Orange Martini - S&L Boujee Christmas Cocktails


Indulge in our NEW Chocolate Orange Martini. The perfect blend of holiday decadence, featuring Baileys, Cointreau, Mozart White Chocolate Liqueur, and a velvety touch of double cream, topped with a favourite Christmas chocolate.

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Rudolph's Zombie - S&L Boujee Christmas Cocktails


The ultimate tropical treasure with a touch of Christmas! Havana Club Especial and Bacardí Caribbean Spiced rum stirred up with sugar syrup, passion fruit purée, pineapple juice and grenadine, finished with a cherry, glitter antlers and a shot of passion fruit liqueur.

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Sandy Claus - S&L Boujee Christmas Cocktails


Dreaming of a more tropical Christmas? Lusciously tropical Bacardi Caribbean Spiced rum, pineapple syrup, fresh lime juice and Fever-Tree ginger beer, served in our iconic S&L pineapple with a beaut Santa Scrunchie just for you!

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Botanical Bombshell - S&L Boujee Christmas Cocktails


Keeping one of the classics! Beautifully floral Hendrick’s Flora Adora gin, Chambord raspberry liqueur, refreshing lychee purée and lemon juice, served with a butterfly seed paper that blooms into flowers when you plant it. Blooming gorgeous, baby.

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Freddie the Festive Flamingo - S&L Boujee Christmas Cocktails


It's funky, festive and flamboyant, with lush Cîroc Passion vodka, sweet coconut syrup, lychee purée, Fever-Tree Grapefruit soda and lemonade, finished with a mini bottle of Prosecco. Whether you share it with the squad or just with your bestie, it deffo won’t go unnoticed this Christmas!

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