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  • Can you thank quizmaster Jodie for another excellent quiz last Tues. she does a brilliant job. If anyone else is in Marlow on a Tuesday evening you can enjoy a great quiz and pit yourself against others on trivia questions. All-in-all a brilliant nights entertainment. Get along if you can.

    Roy Horn (who had a great time at Slug & Lettuce, Marlow and told us on 19 Nov 2015)

  • Please pass on my thanks to your excellent quizmaster from last nights quiz. I much enjoyed the style and format. She was brilliant. I'll be back next week for another go. Well done to all at Marlow Slug and Lettuce.

    Roy Horn (who had a great time at Slug & Lettuce, Marlow and told us on 11 Nov 2015)

  • Hello! I would just like to say thank you to the lady who hosted my 31st birthday party last week at the slug and lettuce , Marlow. I'm so sorry that I didn't catch your name. Everyone was so complimentary of the food, the service and the fact that we had such a big reserved space and balloons. I was really grateful for such a lot of effort that was put in, and I really had a fantastic evening. Thanks again Marie.

    Marie Thorpe (who had a great time at Slug & Lettuce, Marlow and told us on 19 Apr 2015)

  • Third time I have visited this particular bat and have experienced slow service. On this particular the one barman kept ignoring me and my partner to try chat up the female customers. We waited at least half an hour before given a simple drink vodka and mixer. The place wasn't busy, but people were waiting at the bar longer than expected. I didn't expect a snail's pace of service. Also the dj was rubbish and kept speaking over the music.

    Andrew Quinn (who had a great time at Slug & Lettuce, Marlow and told us on 31 Oct 2014)

  • Dear Sir/Madam I am writing with reference to my local 'Slug and Lettuce' pub in Marlow, which we regularly visit thanks to the normally good atmosphere, friendly staff and excellent value for money food. Our experience on Friday however, was exceptionally disappointing due to the service and attitude of one member of staff. I ordered a round of drinks including Peroni - which is served in oversized pint-to-line glasses (a great idea to help serve a full pint with a head). The pint served had liquid to approximately 1cm below the line, so I asked for it to be topped up. I was not aware of whether this request should or should not be honoured, but having checked afterwards I now understand that the guidelines for serving drinks in lined glasses is as follows: When beer is dispensed by free flow into a line measure glass sufficient beer (liquid and head) must be dispensed so as to ensure that if the head totally collapsed the liquid in the measure would be level with the line defining the measure. and that Requests from customers for top-ups should be received with good grace and never refused, subject to avoiding spillage of liquid. (Source: Guidance Notes on the Dispense of Draught Beer by Free Flow and Hand Pull). The request was adamantly refused. This should have been the end of the issue, however the manner in which it was refused was unreasonably obstructive - in fact it was rude. I was told that the serve was correct, they would certainly not offer a 'top up' and that, If you don't like it, you don't have to buy it. At more than £4 a pint I would expect better service. The issue is not so much whether a pour is correct or not, although I suggest that this pub is serving drinks contrary to the Weights and Measures legislation and guidelines above, but more that the attitude of that particular member of staff was unwelcoming and unhelpful. Unfortunately this brief negative encounter will inevitably have a much longer lasting effect on myself and my colleagues than all the positive experiences - such is the importance of consistent customer service. Yours faithfully Dominic Foulkes

    Dominic Foulkes (who had a great time at Slug & Lettuce, Marlow and told us on 23 Mar 2014)

  • Love the new look. The menu was great and the service was excellent.

    Jean Sims (who had a great time at Slug & Lettuce, Marlow and told us on 28 Sep 2013)

  • Very good and friendly service as usual. Our server was Sarah - always very polite, engaging and welcoming. Food was superb as usual too! Will be visiting again quite soon

    Philip Raybould (who had a great time at Slug & Lettuce, Marlow and told us on 13 May 2013)

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